Cam Newton lost twice tonight.

The Panthers fell to Peyton Manning and the Broncos 24-10 in Super Bowl 50, but that might not even be the worst of it.

Because of the jock tax and California’s extremely high tax rate, Newton will be forking over $159,200 to the state.

On top of his regular earnings, Newton received a $51,000 bonus for taking Carolina to the Super Bowl. That means he is paying California a 198.8 percent tax rate.

Oh, and he will still be taxed by the federal government for this game, and he will be taxed by the feds and his home state for the rest of the season.

Manning’s paycheck for Super Bowl 50 has not been discussed, but in Super Bowl 48, he was the quarterback on the losing side of tax laws (and the game).

Manning paid the state of New Jersey almost $47,000 in taxes. His bonus for taking his team to the Super Bowl and losing? It was $46,000.