Transcribing a live press conference on the fly can be challenging, even for professionals. When someone only remembers the beginning and end of a quote, you’ll often see it tweeted with ellipses in the middle to imply part of the quote is missing. Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports is getting slammed on Twitter for using ellipses to piece together two unrelated comments made by Mike Leach in his introductory press conference at Mississippi State.

Dodd tweeted, “Leach right now at his presser: ‘I like Lane. I know you’re not supposed to like anything from Ole Miss … I like playing against crummy coaches more than I do good coaches.'”

Some people might have seen the tweet and assumed Leach was getting into the spirit of the Egg Bowl rivalry. That wasn’t the case, however, as Leach was actually complimentary of Kiffin before shifting focus to coaches he faced in the Pac-12 and the coaches he’ll face in the SEC West. Making the misquote worse, Kiffin has gone out of his way to praise Leach on social media since the MSU hiring became official.

As you can see from the screenshot of the transcript, Dodd’s tweet was misleading. Twitter let him have it.