The College Football Hall of Fame was one of the buildings in Atlanta that was damaged during the protests on Friday night.

The glass was broken and the gift shop was looted, but the history in the building escaped without damage, according to CEO Kimberly Beaudin.

As you can see below, Beaudin says the artifacts contained in the museum were protected during the protests and that the damage the building received will be fixed:

“We were definitely watching it all unfold live,” Beaudin said. “Our biggest concern was that folks that we had here on the ground were safe. And they are. We knew we could get in here today and assess the damage and move forward. …

“Our security team that was here last night really did a great job protecting them. None of our artifacts, none of our history or treasures were damaged. Just glass. The store, obviously, was looted — again, all things we can fix.”

Beaudin goes on to explain how college football is a great uniter for our country, expressing hope that the 2020 season can be played as scheduled.