Recent events are reminding college football fans and media members that some things are not as permanently “set” as they may seem. The coronavirus pandemic has already led to major conferences adjusting schedules and canceling games. A recent report says Alabama is close to scheduling BYU for Week 1 in place of the Crimson Tide’s canceled game against USC.

“If Alabama and BYU can agree on the details of a game within a couple of weeks, please, for the umpteenth time, why do we need to schedule these things 15 years in advance?” Stewart Mandel of The Athletic wrote on Twitter.

Brandon Marcello of 247Sports recently wrote that if all of the Power 5 conferences opt for conference-only schedules, TV scheduling could lead to contracts being ignored for this year in a delayed/adjusted season and, more significantly, the College Football Playoff could be expanded beyond a field of four teams.

If COVID-19 can lead to big changes to schedules and the CFP, why not rebuild from scratch? That’s the thinking of Kyle Umlang, a college football stats expert with over 10,000 followers on Twitter.

Umlang recently suggested converting the 64-team Power 5 into 4 new 16-team mega-conferences. Umlang proposes that in the new system, the 8 division winners would be Playoff teams with conference championships serving as the first round.

Below you can see how Umlang’s system would look. The SEC would add Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas while Missouri would move to the new “Big 16.”

What do you think of the proposed realignment and expanded CFP?