For much of the past month, the college football world has been consumed by a supposedly growing uproar in favor of Playoff expansion.

It turns out that discussion was happening “much too soon,” according to a statement from Mississippi State President Mark Keenum, Chairman of the College Football Playoff Board of Managers.

As the outcry for expansion grew louder and was championed by more powerful figures — Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany surprisingly called for such changes to be discussed sooner rather than later — the CFP Board of Managers continually said it would address the issue when it met the morning of the national championship game.

That finally came Monday, and the result was a clear refusal of expansion any time soon. You can read the entire statement below.

We have concluded our annual meeting of the College Football Playoff Board of Managers. As we do every year, we meet alongside the commissioners, and Notre Dame’s Athletics Director, to review the ongoing operations of the Playoff, now entering its sixth year.

It is our unanimous agreement that the Playoff has been a tremendous success for students, fans, and universities. We are very proud of it. Fans love to watch it and we look forward to its continued success.

When it comes to the Playoff, as part of our normal review, we always look at everything and we will do so again.

Our job as university presidents is to listen to a variety of views, as we do every day back on campus, and every year when we consider how best to run the CFP. Academics, student-athlete well-being, existing contractual agreements and the overall good of the game are just a few of the issues we consider. At all times, we want our students who play sports to be successful in college and in life.

As far as expanding the number of teams in the Playoff, it’s way too soon – much too soon – to know if that is even a possibility. It’s fair to say the speculation about expansion has outdistanced the reality of what the commissioners and the presidents have discussed. If a decision were to be made down the road, the Presidents would be the ones to make it and we are not there.

At some point down the road, as part of our regular review of all matters pertaining to the Playoff, the management committee will meet, and it will consider all aspects of the Playoff, as it routinely does. When that discussion happens, I advise observers not to read too much into it. We have a twelve-year contract we are very happy with. It is always appropriate to ask the right questions and to examine every issue to be sure we have things right. We are very satisfied with the Playoff and look forward to its continued success.