The fan and media conversation surrounding Tuesday’s College Football Playoff rankings reveal focused on the top 4. While Georgia remains No. 1, Ohio State jumped Alabama for No. 2, the Crimson Tide slid to No. 3 and Cincinnati checked in at No. 4, making Playoff-era history.

After Tuesday’s reveal on ESPN, CFP chair Gary Barta spoke to members of the media. On the teleconference, Barta was asked if he could detail just how close those top 3 teams are after Week 12.

Barta confirmed what many fans and pundits have said: Georgia has the best defense and Ohio State’s offense is the best of the bunch.

Here’s what Barta had to say, from the official transcript:

Q. I’m curious about the top three teams. I know you mentioned on TV that you looked at Cincinnati with Alabama and Ohio State, but how close are those three? Obviously Georgia being undefeated, but where do those stand and the differences between the three as the committee sees it?

GARY BARTA: You know, we have conversations, and you can get a sense through conversations and people’s opinions and their questions kind of how people feel about each team. Georgia is undefeated, and I just said a minute ago that there’s only three undefeated teams left, and for Georgia to be 11-0 and against the schedule that they play continues to get the committee’s attention.

The defense that they play, they have the best defense in the country, Jordan Davis and company, and their offense is still a top 10 type offense. They do have wins against Clemson and Arkansas.

When we voted, Georgia came out on top. There was more conversation between Ohio State and Alabama. I went through that a little bit earlier in terms of why the committee put — ended up putting Ohio State ahead of Alabama this week, but both are considered to be great teams, not just good teams.

All three of those teams received great conversation. Ohio State offensively is considered to be the strongest in that group, but Ohio State’s defense is better. Georgia may be the best defense there, and Alabama both offensively and defensively. It’s just exciting to see those teams continue to get better every week.

But when it came down to the vote, Georgia, Ohio State and Alabama in that order this week.

We’ll see if the top 4 looks the same after Rivalry Week.