The College Football Playoff selection committee ranking Georgia at No. 4 surprised many people, including some media members. The Bulldogs are ahead of Alabama as Nick Saban’s squad fell to No. 5 after losing to LSU.

UGA being ahead of Alabama has reignited the debate of what matters more for a team: who you beat or who you lose to. Selection committee chair Rob Mullens appeared on ESPN after the rankings were revealed and discussed Georgia coming in at No. 4 and Alabama at No. 5.

“As you look at No. 4 and No. 5 and the discussion around those two teams: two really good teams, obviously one-loss teams,” Mullens said. “We just saw Alabama had a tough loss against LSU, but when you compare that against Georgia’s resume and the two big wins that Georgia had…”

Right now, it’s clear that Georgia’s wins over Notre Dame and Florida outweigh the impact of losing to 4-6 South Carolina. That’s a good sign for the Dawgs heading into the final stretch of the season.