Chris Fowler shared some insight into the making of EA Sports College Football 25 on Friday.

The veteran broadcaster is one of several recognizable college football voices who will be included in the game. He shared some of the details behind his recording sessions with EA Sports and said they have been going on for “about 2 years.”

“It’s been fun, taxing at times, monotonous at other times,” Fowler said of the process. “Because everything you could possibly see in a football game … Even the mundane plays, I’ve said into that microphone many, many different ways. A bunch of stuff you’d never see in a real game, I’ve described. You want to punt on second down? Try a 71-yard field goal? That’s in the game too. Along with the appropriate analysis of those decisions. Your quarterback throws 5 picks in the first quarter or 5 touchdowns? We’ve got you covered there too in detail.

“People have asked, ‘when my team scores a touchdown, will there be appropriate excitement like a real game?’ Hell yes. EA insists on realism. I sat here in an hour and said ‘touchdown, Alabama’ all the way down to ‘touchdown, Wyoming.’ Along with the version with the team nicknames. It was like a month of touchdown calls in an hour.”

Fowler said he has also had recording sessions alongside his primary broadcast partner, Kirk Herbstreit.

“Kirk and I have had joint sessions playing off each other like you would in real booth. It’s going to be incredible detail. What I’ve seen of the game will blow people away and I’m really excited for you to see it.”

Multiple other ESPN personalities have been confirmed for the game, including Desmond Howard, Rece Davis and Kevin Connors. All 134 FBS programs are slated to participate in the game as well.

EA Sports has not announced an official launch date yet, but the game is expected to be released in May. EA Sports previously said a full reveal for the game is coming in May.

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