A major storyline surrounding the cancelled Florida-LSU game is the impact it could have on the SEC East division race.

If the game against LSU is never rescheduled, Florida would avoid one of the tougher teams on its schedule and could have a strong chance to win the East. Despite losing to Tennessee, the Gators would jump back into the driver seat if the Vols lose to Alabama this weekend. Should that happen, and the two teams win out, Florida would finish with a 6-1 conference record, which would put them ahead of a 6-2 Tennessee.

Fox Sports’ Clay Travis tweeted on Monday that there are discussions to put a plan in place to prevent this possible scenario. Travis said the SEC could alter the rules so that only division games matter for the division title, which would keep Tennessee ahead of Florida as both of the Vols’ losses would come against the SEC West.

While it wold be easy to discount this as a suggestion made by Travis, who is a noted Tennessee fan, he said in a Periscope chat that this is something that has been discussed.

Making changes to the rules doesn’t seem to be the top option at this point, however, as SEC commissioner Greg Sankey reaffirmed on Monday that all parties involved are working hard to make sure this game gets played.