Colin Cowherd is at it again.

After the Tide dominant 38-0 shutout over Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl, Cowherd is bashing Alabama once again.

Apparently, beating up on teams as badly as they did on the Spartans is boring for Cowherd. But earlier this month, Cowherd claimed it was Alabama’s quarterbacks who made the Tide boring, and even compared the team to Wal-Mart, sparking the hashtag #alabamart.

Reportedly, Tide offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin responded to Cowherd’s December video by mouthing “boring” to some of the Alabama players after his boring QB Jake Coker threw a 50-yard pass to WR Calvin Ridley to put his team up 31-0.

Cowherd has already apologized once this season for his prediction that Auburn would give the Tide excessive trouble. Will he ever apologize for this one?

Not likely. It seems he’s set on Alabama being “boring” one way or another.