It’s back to work for college football fans Tuesday and back to a more conventional college football schedule.

Monday night’s Florida State-Virginia Tech game ended four nights of college football, each night with at least one ranked team in action. Five ranked teams lost in Week 1 and more than one may find itself out of the Associated Press Top 25 come Tuesday.

Miami was the second Associated Press top-10 team to fall in the opening week. On Saturday, No. 9 Auburn knocked off No. 6 Washington. Losses for UM and UW will certainly lead to some rearranging of the top 10. The top five, however, is likely to stay intact, as all teams took care of business without any hiccups.

A pair of Big Ten teams will probably get dinged for wins at home that were closer than expected. Meanwhile, one Big 12 school should get rewarded for a convincing win over an SEC team. Two ACC teams meet Monday and the winner should jump a few spots for picking up a win over a ranked opponent.

It’s an unconventional week with a pair of ranked teams set to play Monday night, but for now, here’s how we project the Week 2 top 25 come Tuesday:

  1. Alabama def. Louisville 51-14
  2. Clemson def. Furman 48-7
  3. Georgia def. Austin Peay 45-0
  4. Wisconsin def. Western Kentucky 34-3
  5. Ohio State def. Oregon State 77-31
  6. Oklahoma def. FAU 63-14
  7. Auburn def. No. 6 Washington 21-16
  8. LSU def. No. 8 Miami 33-17
  9. Notre Dame def. No. 14 Michigan 24-17
  10. Washington lost to No. 9 Auburn 16-21
  11. West Virginia def. Tennessee 40-14
  12. Stanford def. San Diego State 31-10
  13. USC def. UNLV 43-21
  14. Virginia Tech def. No. 19 FSU 24-3
  15. Michigan State def. Utah State 38-31
  16. TCU def. Southern 55-7
  17. Penn State def. App State 45-38 (OT)
  18. Mississippi State def. Stephen F. Austin 63-6
  19. Michigan lost to No. 12 Notre Dame 17-24
  20. UCF def. UConn 56-17
  21. Boise State def. Troy 56-20
  22. Oregon def. Bowling Green 58-24
  23. Ole Miss def. Texas Tech 47-27
  24. Miami lost to No. 25 LSU 17-33
  25. South Carolina def. Coastal Carolina 49-15

Projected to fall out of top 25:

  • No. 19 Florida State lost to No. 20 Virginia Tech 3-24
  • No. 23 Texas lost to Maryland 29-34