On Saturday morning, ESPN’s College GameDay had rapper Jeezy on as the celebrity guest picker.

They went through a number of games, including a few featuring SEC teams.

Here’s how Jeezy, Desmond Howard, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit picked the Week 4 action:

For Kentucky-Mississippi State, here’s how they picked the game:

  • Desmond: Kentucky
  • Jeezy: Kentucky
  • Corso: Mississippi State
  • Herbie: Kentucky

For LSU-Vanderbilt, all were supporting the Tigers:

  • Desmond: LSU
  • Jeezy: LSU
  • Corso: LSU
  • Herbie: LSU

Here’s what they thought of the Florida-Tennessee contest:

  • Desmond: Florida
  • Jeezy: Florida
  • Corso: Florida
  • Herbie: Florida

For the big showdown between the Aggies and Auburn Tigers, here was the breakdown:

  • Desmond: A&M
  • Jeezy: A&M
  • Corso: Auburn
  • Herbie: A&M

And, finally, for the huge game between Notre Dame and Georgia, all were riding with the Bulldogs:

  • Desmond: Georgia
  • Jeezy: Georgia
  • Herbie: Georgia
  • Corso: Georgia