Six SEC teams are each ranked in Sunday’s AP and Coaches Poll.

This week’s biggest mover was none other than the Florida Gators after throttling Ole Miss 38-10 Saturday night. The Gators jumped up from No. 25 to No. 11 in this week’s AP Poll.

The AP Poll also has five SEC teams in the top 14, with the highest ranked team being the No. 7 LSU Tigers.

After Alabama pounded Georgia Saturday, the Bulldogs fell out of the top 10 all the way to No. 19.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the AP Poll and the Coaches Poll:

Coaches PollAP Poll
1. Ohio State1. Ohio State
2. TCU2. TCU
3. Michigan State3. Baylor
4. Baylor4. Michigan State
5. LSU5. Utah
6. Clemson6. Clemson
7. Utah7. LSU
8. FSU8. Alabama
9. Oklahoma9. Texas A&M
10. Alabama10. Oklahoma
11. Texas A&M11. Florida
12. Florida12. FSU
13. Ole Miss13. Northwestern
14. Northwestern14. Ole Miss
15. Notre Dame15. Notre Dame
16. Georgia16. Stanford
17. USC17. USC
18. Stanford18. Michigan
19. Oklahoma State19. Georgia
20. UCLA20. UCLA
21. Michigan21. Oklahoma State
22. California 22. Iowa
23. Iowa23. California
24. Boise State24. Toledo
25. Memphis25. Boise State