Conference realignment rumors continue to dominate headlines around the college football world, and particularly in the Big Ten and Pac-12.

After the Big Ten landed USC and UCLA, though, it appears there’s no interest in poaching the Pac-12 further.

Per Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports, Big Ten rightsholders aren’t as high on paying equal revenue shares to schools like Cal, Oregon, Stanford or Washington:

After the anxiety caused last week regarding further Big Ten expansion, industry sources have indicated the Big Ten is no longer as interested in adding California, Oregon, Stanford and Washington. Rightsholders were balking at paying the same amount for those schools as the 16 Big Ten schools going forward ($80 million-$100 million).

Dodd goes on to explain that the Big Ten is focusing its efforts on potentially luring Notre Dame to join the conference. Thus far, the Fighting Irish have remained independent.

As things stand right now, both the Big Ten and SEC are poised to expand to 16 teams. It seems both leagues are being cautious when it comes to expanding further, but that doesn’t mean rumors won’t continue to swirl. We’ll see what the next move is, but for right now, the Pac-12 isn’t expected to lose any additional teams to the Big Ten.