If you missed the news on Wednesday, the Ivy League announced none of its league members will be playing sports in the fall.

While some have suggested the Ivy League’s decision to push football to the spring could start a domino effect leaving other conferences to make similar decisions in the days and weeks to come, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey pushed back on that narrative.

In a clip shared by ESPN morning show “Get Up,” Sankey shared his reaction to the news and noted that what the Ivy League does won’t affect the SEC. However, the commissioner was very clear that the virus and the spreading infection could do just that.

“I don’t think that the announcement today is any inflection point for decision making,” Sankey said. “Now when you look at what’s happening [with the coronavirus], those are the real inflection points for us.”

So where does that put the upcoming SEC football season with numbers continuing to rise across the South? Not in an ideal position, according to Sankey.

“I want to be optimistic but the reality is publicly we have to discipline ourselves to remain healthy as a culture, and that relates to some of the behaviors we’ve seen that have caused the spread to accelerate and I’ve been optimistic but I’m prepared that optimism is not reality,” Sankey added.

While Sankey didn’t say wear a mask, continue to practice social distancing when possible and avoid large gatherings, that’s exactly what he’s pleading with football fans to do if there’s any hope that the sport can be played in the fall.