We like to spread the love around during the weekly “Criticizing the Broadcasters,” but we had just one choice with the SEC Championship Game as the only league game telecast last weekend.

But if we only get one pair of announcers to criticize, we’re glad it is you, Gary and Verne.

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Veteran play-by-play man Verne Lundquist and his color commentating partner Gary Danielson were on the call for CBS during Saturday’s game between Alabama and Florida.

There were so many things to cover in this one, so let’s get right into it.

Cow burps?

Not unlike any other football broadcast you may watch, the starting lineups are displayed on the screen at some point during the first moments of the game.

CBS does so with a Chick-fil-A advertisement that includes a cow tapping the screen with an “eat mor chikin” sign and mooing.

Verne has seen this graphic a hundred times if he’s seen it once, but his comment on Saturday was an odd one:

Diet Coker?

This one is on Gary.

He praised Alabama QB Jake Coker for most of the evening. But things got a little weird when he started trying to make puns about the size of the Crimson Tide quarterback.

Which, of course, led Verne to mention that he probably shouldn’t have been talking about Coke anyway:

Movie mix up

Danielson really didn’t have his best day.

At one point he was referring to a movie he thought was called “Runaway Train”, but it was actually called “Unstoppable.”

It wouldn’t have been a huge deal if he hadn’t kept referring to it, and of course Twitter wasn’t going to let that slide:

Gary Boils Frogs

I’m really having a hard time even explaining this one.

Things got really weird at times with Danielson on Saturday, and this may have been the strangest moment.

In an effort to describe how Alabama wins games, he used an analogy about boiling frogs alive by slowly raising the temperature on them so that they don’t even realize what’s happening.

Presumably, it’s a humane way to kill dinner for a frog meat connoisseur?

At any rate, this was like the gift Twitter had been waiting for all weekend: