After Clemson won the national championship in convincing fashion Monday night, many wondered if the Tigers should also be crowned as college football’s next dynasty.

While Clemson hasn’t won five titles over the past decade like Alabama — the team it defeated 44-16 in Santa Clara, California — Dabo Swinney’s squad has put together a compelling argument. The Tigers have won two of the last three championships, beating the Crimson Tide both times, and have reached the College Football Playoff in each of the last four years.

So, does Swinney think his program has become a dynasty?

“No, we’re a long way from a dynasty,” he told reporters Tuesday. “We’re a great program. We’re a great program. There’s no doubt about that. We’re incredibly consistent in every area of our program.”

Swinney went on to explain how his team progressively turned division titles into conference championships, which allowed the Tigers to finally make the leap to winning national championships. Though he said Clemson is “as good a program as there is out there,” Swinney still gives the edge to Alabama when it comes to the modern college football dynasty.

“Alabama is kind of in a category of their own,” Swinney said. “I mean, Coach (Nick) Saban may have won five national championships in 10 years, or however long he’s been there. It’s incredible the run that they’ve had. But we’re just thankful that we got the opportunity to experience it.

“But to be able to win two out of the last three, I think that certainly puts us in a place that’s pretty special from a program standpoint.”

Clemson looks like it’ll stay on track as one of college football’s elite teams, especially with title game MVP Trevor Lawrence returning at quarterback along with many of his offensive weapons. If the Tigers can reload on defense and claim another championship next year, then it may be time to revisit the dynasty discussion.