Dan Mullen and Joey Galloway came out with their College Football Playoff picks following Week 9’s action, and ahead of the initial reveal on Tuesday night on ESPN.

Speaking on “College Football Final,” Galloway came out with Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, and the 2 outside looking in were Clemson and TCU. Mullen also had Tennessee No. 1 followed by Georgia, TCU and Ohio State, while Clemson and Michigan were the final 2 in the mix.

Galloway elevated Tennessee to No. 1 after he previously had Ohio State in the top spot.

Galloway pointing to Ohio State and Georgia each responding to big games when needed. Mullen also pointed out the Oregon win for Georgia, which he said gets forgotten about since it was in Week 1.

Mullen put TCU at No. 3 because of 4 consecutive wins over top 25 teams. Mullen discounted Ohio State a bit because its 2 best wins are against Penn State and Toledo.

Galloway said the rankings are great because they go on “resume, not so much eye test. I have no problem with TCU being anywhere in those top 4.”

They discuss the Playoff picks at the 26:40 mark: