Dana Holgorsen enters the 2023 season in his 5th year leading the program at Houston. However, this will be the first year for the Cougars in the Big 12.

During the head coach’s recent radio show, Holgorsen responded to one fan who expressed disappointment that Houston is heading to the Big 12 but will play in the league without Texas and Texas A&M as of 2024. Holgorsen admitted the fan is welcome to that opinion but he does not agree.

Instead, Holgorsen said the Longhorns and Aggies are the very reasons Houston has not been admitted to the Big 12 sooner. The head coach also said “screw them” and said those two programs can “go wherever they want.”

“You can have that opinion about Texas and Texas A&M if you want to, but they are the reasons we weren’t in the Big 12,” Holgorsen said per Joseph Duarte with The Houston Chronicle. “Those two are the specific reasons why we haven’t been in the Big 12 the last 28 years. Screw them. They can go wherever they want. They don’t want us, and we don’t want them. So move on.”

A&M has been in the SEC for a while now, but Houston will get one season in the Big 12 alongside the Longhorns. Those two teams will face off on Oct. 21 in Houston.