South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer relayed a funny story about Kentucky’s freshman wide receiver Dane Key. Beamer and the Gamecocks staff recruited Key and were hopeful that he would sign with South Carolina. But then he heard a story about Dane’s mother that made him think twice about his prospects with the recruit.

“Dane Key we tried to recruit here last year and felt like we had a really good opportunity until I got word that when Kentucky beat Florida last year,” Beamer said. “Dane’s mom was at the game and leaped over the wall and like broke her foot or something storming the field.”

“That’s the story I was told, so if that’s not true I’m sorry Ms. Key.”

Well Dane Key’s mother, Nicole, was quick to confirm what Beamer heard.

More proof that there’s nothing a mother won’t do for her children.

South Carolina will host Dane Key and the rest of the Kentucky Wildcats this Saturday at Williams-Brice Stadium. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m. on the SEC Network.