Many SEC fans disagree with former Florida State quarterback (and ex-ESPN analyst) Danny Kanell’s opinions, especially when he discusses the SEC. However, on Wednesday, Kanell even disagreed with himself.

Kanell got absolutely owned on Twitter after sharing an opinion on UCLA QB Josh Rosen’s recent comments about how Division I football and college academics don’t mix.

Kanell tweeted on Tuesday evening that he thinks Rosen’s comments come across as offensive to people who had to work to put themselves through college:

However, on Wednesday night, reporter Mike Pesca responded to Kanell’s criticism of Rosen, saying that there was a college quarterback 20 years ago who said similar things:

That player, naturally, was Kanell, who said during his time in Tallahassee that balancing school and football was no easy task:

Either Pesca has a fantastic memory, or he has been waiting 20 years to pounce with this information. Either way, Kanell should revisit his thoughts on what Rosen said this week.