The SEC just finished up Week 5 with a 4-game slate, as Georgia, Florida, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Arkansas and Texas A&M took the weekend off.

The big thing we learned? Alabama is still really, really good after putting a 48-17 beatdown on Tennessee in Knoxville.

On Sunday morning, analyst Danny Kanell took to Twitter to rank his top 8 teams. As you can see below, he has 2 SEC teams in the rankings, including Alabama at No. 1 and Florida at No. 6:

The Gators are 2-1 and haven’t played in 2 weeks, so their inclusion is a bit of a surprise, but they’ll have a chance to earn there spot this coming weekend when they host Mizzou.

Will Georgia or another SEC team move up into the top 8 for Kanell? We’ll find out next Sunday.