This debate will only intensify in the next week and certainly into the spring leading up to the NFL Draft, but ESPN analyst Desmond Howard has already made his pick for the better prospect between LSU QB Joe Burrow and Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa.

“The No. 1 prospect I think at the quarterback position is going to be Joe Burrow,” Howard said on a recent episode of “Get Up” on ESPN. “He’s going to be the first quarterback off the board.”

Howard then went through a series of highlights from Burrow this season that showed how he threw the ball outside the numbers near the sideline, and avoided confusing defensive alignments against Florida and Texas, including stepping around a blitz.

“When you compare him to Tua, he rates higher on passes outside the numbers, which are NFL throws, passes in the red zone, and against the blitz and against pressure,” Howard said.

Burrow has moved up plenty of NFL Draft boards in recent weeks as he’s led the undefeated Tigers to a No. 2 ranking.

Howard has also said he’s concerned about Tagovailoa’s second ankle injury, and that NFL teams would be worried about the fragility of his ankles. The NFL will no doubt want a close look at Tagovailoa’s ankles when he goes through the draft process.