It’s been a prevailing sentiment for years for some who follow college football. Do the powers that be, in this case, the College Football Playoff committee members, care much about non-Power 5 teams?

Radio host Dan Patrick said they’ve made a clear distinction.

“We’ve pulled back the curtain completely on college football,” Patrick said. “It’s basically about 10 to 12 schools, that have a chance, that we really care about, and that the selection committee will look at and value what they do.”

Patrick then said Iowa State is ranked No. 7 more because of it being in a Power 5 conference than the kind of season it’s had. Patrick said there needs to be a “come to Jesus” meeting and stop being phony about which teams are eligible, and then pointed to Louisiana beating Iowa State by 17 points.

He proposed a separate championship for Power 5 schools apart from another championship for the likes of Cincinnati, Louisiana and Coastal Carolina. That’s because the Sun Belt Conference, for example, has had a great year, but is not going to be rewarded.

“Coastal Carolina did what we want them to do, you step up and say, bring it on, BYU bring it on,” Patrick said. “They did what we want them to do. They want to find somebody to play. And that’s the best game of the year. And what was the reward. Oh we told you BYU wasn’t that good. Coastal Carolina’s a nice story. We don’t allow you to dream in college football.”