There is a growing sentiment of the top 5 teams in the country, and ESPN’s Joey Galloway and Jesse Palmer have weighed in with their opinions on the widely held consensus.

Galloway is higher on Alabama and Georgia as a package than most other pundits and analysts, as Georgia is widely viewed the No. 4 or No. 5 team in the country. That’s where Palmer has the Bulldogs, as Clemson and Alabama are the consensus, almost unanimously around the country, as the top two teams.

Palmer still loves the Georgia defense, and he believes it gets a rematch with Alabama in the SEC Championship Game, “if Stetson Bennett the quarterback avoids mistakes.”

Galloway added, “I still think Georgia has the best defense in the country, and if Notre Dame played Georgia, I think Georgia wins that game.”

Ohio State, which just kicked off its season, and Notre Dame, which has played a softer schedule than the SEC heavyweights is expected to get a true test when it meets Clemson on Nov. 7.

Galloway said the Ohio State defense had some issues in the win over Nebraska, and he believes the Buckeyes will be better this week against Penn State. Palmer said Notre Dame needs to be balanced on offense if it will pull the upset against Clemson.

The rankings segment begins at the 24:00 mark of the video below: