This bowl season is going to be a weird one. We’re certainly going to see teams without 6 wins playing this postseason, and we’ll probably see teams with sub-.500 records playing, too.

So, which teams will go where? We know the College Football Playoff is planning to remain the same, but the other bowls could look different.

This week, ESPN experts Kyle Bonagura and Mark Schlabach updated their bowl projections. As you can see below, they each have Alabama and Georgia making the Playoff:


  • Bonagura: Rose Bowl (CFP) vs. Ohio State
  • Schlabach: Rose Bowl (CFP) vs. Ohio State


  • Bonagura: Music City Bowl vs. Nebraska
  • Schlabach: Liberty Bowl vs. West Virginia


  • Bonagura: Outback Bowl vs. Michigan
  • Schlabach: Citrus Bowl vs. Wisconsin


  • Bonagura: Citrus Bowl vs. Minnesota
  • Schlabach: Orange Bowl vs. Notre Dame


  • Bonagura: Sugar Bowl (CFP) vs. Clemson
  • Schlabach: Sugar Bowl (CFP) vs. Clemson


  • Bonagura: Gator Bowl vs. North Carolina
  • Schlabach: Las Vegas Bowl vs. Utah


  • Bonagura: Liberty Bowl vs. West Virginia
  • Schlabach: Gasparilla Bowl vs. Wake Forest


  • Bonagura: Birmingham Bowl vs. Houston
  • Schlabach: Music City Bowl vs. Minnesota

Mississippi State

  • Bonagura: Gasparilla Bowl vs. Duke
  • Schlabach: None

Ole Miss

  • Bonagura: Texas Bowl vs. Oklahoma
  • Schlabach: Gator Bowl vs. Miami

South Carolina

  • Bonagura: None
  • Schlabach: Birmingham Bowl vs. Marshall


  • Bonagura: Las Vegas Bowl vs. Utah
  • Schlabach: Texas Bowl vs. Oklahoma

Texas A&M

  • Bonagura: Orange Bowl vs. Notre Dame
  • Schlabach: Outback Bowl vs. Iowa