Four months from now, we will have already crowned the 2016-17 College Football Playoff national champion and will be begrudgingly moving on to the next offseason.

Luckily, though, that’s awhile away — and the regular season kickoff begins will begin in a little over a week.

With football drawing near, ESPN writer Edward Aschoff put together a list of 10 SEC games that will surely have an impact on the playoff race. From his column:

What are the key games with playoff implications in 2016?

For our purposes, we’re looking into the SEC which, let’s face it, has a playoff qualifier going on just about every week of the season. But we had to pick 10 games involving SEC teams that will have an impact on this year’s playoff.

An interesting note: There are 10 appearances from SEC West teams and seven from the East. What may not be very surprising, however, is that Alabama is involved in four of the 10 games listed.

Let’s check out the rankings, which starts off with a strong Week 1 opener:

1. Ole Miss at Florida State (Sept. 5)

2. Alabama at LSU (Nov. 5)

3. Alabama at Ole Miss (Sept. 17)

4. Alabama at Tennessee (Oct. 15)

5. Florida at Tennessee (Sept. 24)

6. Ole Miss at LSU (Oct. 22)

7. LSU at Florida (Oct. 8)

8. Alabama vs. USC (Sept. 3)

9. Tennessee at Georgia (Oct. 1)

10. Florida at Florida State (Nov. 26)