Jake Trotter of ESPN.com released a column Monday debating whether Oklahoma would be better off in the SEC. The Sooners were on the conference’s radar during expansion in 2012, but instead flirted with the Pac-12 with the objective of leveraging Texas out of the Longhorn Network.

However, Oklahoma ended up staying in its conference, while the SEC has continued to earn a much larger revenue than the Big 12 ever since. So, with the Big 12 facing another transitional summer with the vote to pursue expansion, the talk of Oklahoma jumping to the SEC has increased once again.

Mark Rodgers, who hosts a sports talk radio program on WWLS “The Sports Animal” in Oklahoma City, told Trotter that about half of the Oklahoma-related callers want the Sooners to leave the Big 12 for the SEC.

“I think there’s some apprehension about what (Oklahoma) would be getting into from a competitive level,” he said, “but there’s plenty of excitement about it, too.”

The move would make sense. Oklahoma is a national powerhouse, so its addition would make the SEC even stronger. Financially, the move should help both parties prosper.

Plus, Texas A&M made a successful transition to the SEC during its first season and has benefited from using the conference’s national media attention on the recruiting trail.

You can read more on why Oklahoma is better off in the SEC at ESPN.com here.