The SEC has produced many elite wide receivers in recent years. ESPN’s Bill Connelly says 10 of the 50 best wideouts to play in the last 50 years played in the SEC.

Connelly recently took on the task of ranking the 50 best wideouts of the last 50 years. The article is a tribute to Bill Walsh and others forever changing college football’s passing attacks roughly 50 years ago.

When it comes to the SEC’s best, 2020 Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith leads the way, checking in at No. 3 overall. Connelly selects multiple wideouts from Alabama, LSU and Florida. Texas A&M, Georgia and Mizzou are the other SEC schools represented. Missouri alum Danario Alexander, No. 41 on the list, played before MU joined the SEC.

Here are the 10 SEC wide receivers on the list:

  1. No. 3 – DeVonta Smith, Alabama
  2. No. 14 – Ja’Marr Chase, LSU
  3. No. 15 – Reidel Anthony, Florida
  4. No. 17 – Josh Reed, LSU
  5. No. 20 – Wendell Davis, LSU
  6. No. 25 – Amari Cooper, Alabama
  7. No. 32 – Mike Evans, Texas A&M
  8. No. 33 – Wes Chandler, Florida
  9. No. 39 – Ozzie Newsome, Alabama
  10. No. 44 – A.J. Green, Georgia

When discussing Cooper, Connelly addressed an absence sure to be noticed by Alabama fans:

You don’t see former Bama star Julio Jones on this list simply because he wasn’t asked to do a lot — he averaged under 900 receiving yards per season. The next great Bama receiver of the Saban era, however, did quite a bit more: After 1,736 yards in two seasons, Cooper exploded for 1,727 and 16 scores as a junior.

Randy Moss is No. 1 overall on the list. The full list is available here.