Several of the top teams were in action during Rivalry Week.

Clemson destroyed Pittsburgh, and Alabama dominated Auburn. Notre Dame, who some put on upset watch, dispatched North Carolina on Friday. Ohio State, however, had another canceled due to COVID-19 protocols, and should the Buckeyes miss another game, they won’t be eligible for the Big Ten Championship Game. If that happens, things will get messy with the Playoff.

ESPN updated its Football Power Index top 25 after Rivalry Week, and 4 SEC teams were ranked in the top 10. Alabama stayed at the top at No. 1, while Georgia (7), Florida (8) and Texas A&M (9) all were ranked in the top 10.

Auburn checked in at No. 15 following the Iron Bowl loss, and somehow, LSU is still ranked at No. 25 despite being 3-4.

Below is ESPN’s full Football Power Index Top 25:

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Clemson
4. Wisconsin
5. Oklahoma
6. Notre Dame
7. Georgia
8. Florida
9. Texas A&M
10. Oregon
11. BYU
12. Cincinnati
13. Texas
14. Iowa
15. Auburn
16. USC
17. Iowa State
18. Indiana
19. UCF
20. Northwestern
21. Oklahoma State
22. North Carolina
23. Miami
24. TCU
25. LSU