With the first official rankings reveal set for tonight, there are projections around college football about how the teams will be ordered as many agree on the top eight or so teams.

SEC Network host Dari Nowkhah made his predictions, and he has three SEC teams in the top six, including Texas A&M at No. 4, which is higher than several other mainstream college football experts and outlets.

After the question about the No. 4 slot, one of the big questions is where non-Power 5 teams like Cincinnati and BYU will land. Another is how will the committee compare a team that has only played four games to one that has played eight. Since the Aggies are one of those teams still trying to make up games, that is an important question to answer, and Florida for that matter has also missed the LSU game.

Down the rankings list, the Pac-12 is another variable that is unknown, as it appears most of the top teams outside of BYU and A&M are east of the Mississippi River.