Spring practice has been in the books for a week, and teams have turned the page to summer workouts and are looking ahead to fall camp.

The SEC will certainly be interesting in 2017, as Alabama looks like it has the most talent once again. Is this the year another team from the West can dethrone the Tide? Can the SEC East have a revival?

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If ESPN’s post-spring power rankings are any indication, the SEC East will be overshadowed by the West again. The site has Alabama, Auburn and LSU ranked in the top three exiting spring practice, and the bottom four teams are also from the East: South Carolina, Kentucky, Vanderbilt and Missouri.

The hype continues to build for Auburn, who is ranked at No. 2, and Jarrett Stidham’s emergence has made everyone think the Tigers could have the best shot to knock off the Tide during the regular season. Here’s what the site said about the Tigers:

Gus Malzahn’s offense isn’t the only thing that’s quarterback driven. You could argue that the entire team is built that way. So if Jarrett Stidham can build off a solid spring game performance and become a dynamic player at the position, the Tigers could find themselves in the race to Atlanta.

College football has been trending somewhat like the NFL in that if teams have that guy at quarterback, it can win any game. Is Stidham the difference-maker that could help swing the Iron Bowl rivalry in a different direction?

ESPN’s post-spring power rankings:

1. Alabama
2. Auburn
t-3. LSU
t-3. Florida
5. Georgia
6. Tennessee
7. Texas A&M
8. Arkansas
9. Mississippi State
10. Ole Miss
11. South Carolina
12. Kentucky
13. Vanderbilt
14. Missouri