One of the more dramatic contrasts in matchups this season will take place at Tiger Stadium this week when Florida’s defense meets LSU’s offense.

For perspective, this stat from Brandon Zimmerman of the SEC Network tells the tale: LSU is averaging 54.6 points per game. Florida has given up 57 total points this season. But that’s not the only number that is incredible.

Consider Florida’s defense and where it stacks up across the country:

  • Interceptions: 12 (1st in country)
  • Takeaways: 17 (1st in country)
  • Sacks: 24 (T-2nd in country)

How about LSU’s offense?

  • Scoring offense: 1 (54.6 points per game)
  • Red zone offense: 1 (26 TDs, 5 FGs)
  • Third down conversion: 1 (56.9)
  • Total offense: 2 (571 yards)
  • Passing offense: 2 (416 yards)
  • Team completion percentage: 2 (Joe Burrow leads among individuals at 78.4)

LSU coach Ed Orgeron was asked if his offensive change in the offseason was triggered by the Florida defense. He said not necessarily, and that defenses are tough across the SEC.

“It’s going to be a challenge but I think these guys are going to be up for it,” he said Monday. “Or are we going to score the same amount of points that we have been scoring every week? I don’t know, we may, we may not. The object is always to win the game and to play a full team. So I think that our guys understand the challenge, our guys understand the teams that we have played. Some of them were not as strong as the ones we’re going to play, but we have been gearing up for this and we’re ready.”