If you’re looking for a fresh motivational quote to get your day going, Willie Taggart’s Twitter feed is not the place to go.

By searching thru the Florida State coach’s feed, you are sure to see plenty of motivational quotes to be sure. The only problem is, he’s very fond of recycling these thoughts for each fan base he’s currently speaking to that day. These tweets are even more ironic when you consider the context Taggart uses, such as not quitting, honesty and living as if there’s no tomorrow.

All good messages to be sure but they tend to lose some luster when the person sharing them has jumped from South Florida to Oregon to Florida State in consecutive offseasons.

Check out these tweets rounded up by Pick Six Previews on Twitter, Taggart apparently copies and pastes each quote then adds a team name at the end to rally the fan base that currently supports him at the time.

Here’s another one:

And yet another one:

Taggart has since blocked Pick Six Previews from seeing his unoriginal content. Should Taggart take another job by 2019, it will be interesting to see if he carries over the tradition to his new school.