The Florida State Seminoles are an absolute mess right now, sitting at 2-5 after an embarrassing 35-3 loss to Boston College on Friday night.

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The Seminoles are in serious danger of missing a bowl game this year, and things are getting tense in Tallahassee.

After Friday’s loss, K Ricky Aguayo, who provided all three of FSU’s points, told the Orlando Sentinel in this video that the Seminoles have been playing like they’re afraid to lose this year:

“We’re just scared to lose now,” he said. “It shouldn’t be that way. We should be more fired up when we come out, focused on the game and not focused on the season.

Aguayo added in this Orlando Sentinel story that he thinks he and his teammates need to be more eager to win:

“We’re focusing on losing,” Aguayo said. “We’re scared to lose rather than being eager to win.”

With games against Syracuse, Clemson and Florida still remaining on the schedule (as well as Delaware State), things may get worse for FSU before they get better.