Gary Danielson is a polarizing figure in the SEC. Some think the CBS analyst is fine to listen to every Saturday afternoon during the SEC season. Others think he’s biased against their school and should be fired.

Of course, when you have fans on both sides saying you’re biased toward the other team, perhaps that means you’re actually announcing a fair game for each team?

Don’t tell that to these people on social media, though. As you can see below, X (formerly known as Twitter) has been buzzing with criticism of Danielson on Saturday afternoon during the broadcast of No. 1 Georgia vs. South Carolina:

And now one pro-Danielson tweet for good measure:

As you might have heard, SEC football is leaving CBS after this season. Big Ten football games will occupy the 3:30 p.m. slot on CBS starting in 2024.

Who will handle the SEC game of the week on ESPN? We’ll find out ahead of the 2024 CFB campaign.