The way former Auburn head coach and current SEC Network analyst Gene Chizik sees things, the transfer portal needs some adjusting.

As SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey pointed out on Monday, there have been over 1,600 players enter the transfer portal this offseason with over 1,100 of those players failing to find a new home to play college football.

During an appearance on SEC Now on Tuesday morning, Chizik offered up a suggestion on how to correct this issue. The analyst believes the transfer portal should not be wide open all year long, there should be windows for players to enter the transfer database.

“In other words, in the NFL, you don’t have all year round free agency, right? There’s windows,” Chizik said on the show. “And I think that would be a great starting point for the transfer portal because here’s the deal – the transfer portal needs to be slowed down. The process and decisions need to be slowed down.”

Chizik went on to note that many players simply make the decision to transfer too quickly without giving enough thought to their futures.

“Because you know what, you don’t like what happened in practice Tuesday, because you got the jacked-up at practice and the coach ripped you a new one. You go back to your apartment and you text or tweet, ‘I’m in the transfer portal’ that quick,” Chizik continued. “You just got done eating Burger King and you said or you tweeted out, ‘ I’m in the transfer portal.’ That’s how fast it happens and coaches don’t know about it.

“That whole process needs to be slowed down. And to me, you need to have windows, if you’re going to be able to enter the transfer portal, let’s put them in windows of time when you’re allowed to just like free agency. They give you a window of time right?

“So whether that’s when the season ends, you can’t enter the transfer portal during the season, after game four and you’re a quarterback, and you want to transfer. Okay, because that’s a locker room divisive scenario, and we have seen it, it’s terrible for coaches.”