When it comes to commenting on the SEC, Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson has never been shy about sharing his thoughts.

In an interview with USA TODAY on Monday, Johnson once again poked the SEC, calling the conference overhyped and saying that Georgia Tech’s ACC schedule isn’t much different than an SEC schedule:

“Week in and week out, I promise you there isn’t any difference in lining up and playing those guys than there is playing North Carolina, Clemson and Virginia Tech,” Johnson said. “What happened in my opinion is you had really good teams at the top of their league and they got credit. It was almost like the ACC in basketball this year. They all get ranked in the top 15 and then when they beat each other they don’t ever drop. Then you get to the tournament and you don’t do so well and you start thinking maybe they were overhyped.”

Johnson’s Georgia Tech squads do have some experience with the SEC. After taking down Kentucky in a bowl game last year, the Yellow Jackets finished with a 3-0 record against the SEC, defeating Vanderbilt, Georgia and Kentucky.

With a season-opener against Tennessee in Atlanta this fall, Johnson called out the Vols after the bowl victory, saying the Jackets were 3-0 in the SEC East with Tennessee next.

If Georgia Tech does indeed earn a win against the Vols in Week 1, it’s safe to assume Johnson will have something to say about the SEC yet again.