In this day and age, GIFs have become very popular in the sports world.

They are all over social media, and for good reason. The images are funny. It’s a great way of describing how you feel about something from a visual perspective.

I thought it would be an interesting way to give a recap of each SEC team’s season so far.


GIF: Just keep swimming

Instead of swimming, Alabama just keeps on winning. Nick Saban is a anomaly who the college football world may never see again. The Crimson Tide continue to dominate despite losing a number of substantial pieces from last year’s team.

Alabama lost Jonathan Allen, O.J. Howard,  Reuben Foster, Eddie Jackson, Cam Robinson, Marlon Humphrey and other key contributors from the 2016 team. At another school, 2017 would be a rebuilding year. Alabama is a different animal.


GIF: Hype train

When Bret Bielema arrived at Arkansas he told fans: ‘We came here to win the SEC, and that’s what we are going to do.”

It’s year five and the Razorbacks haven’t come close. Arkansas was dominated at home by TCU and lost to Texas A&M in overtime again. Go back and watch the 2014, 2015 and 2017 Arkansas-Texas A&M games. They are almost identical.

Some Razorbacks fans thought this season was going to be different. They saw a superb quarterback who could lead them out of mediocrity. The same problems still exist, though, prohibiting that from happening.

The Razorbacks offensive line got worse, the defense hasn’t taken a big jump and Bielema still hasn’t figured out a way to close out games. Choo choo!


GIF: Kevin Dyson reach

Remember Super Bowl XXXIV? It was one of the best endings in the National Football League’s history. The late Steve McNair tossed the ball to Kevin Dyson, who came up just short of the goal line as time expired. Like the Titans coming up short and losing the Super Bowl losing 23-16, Auburn have come up just short this year.

The Tigers are so close to being a great football team. Their defense is one of the best in the country. On the road, Auburn held Clemson to 14 points. Against LSU, it led the entire game until a little over 2 minutes remained.

Jarrett Stidham looked like he was starting to figure it out until he took a step back last week. He has the offensive pieces around him to produce. Get him going again, and this team will finish the regular season 9-3.


GIF: Headaches

Florida’s season has been a headache for most Gators fans. Suspensions to some of their prominent players along with getting destroyed by Michigan was not an ideal start. Then, the team went on to win four straight, including dramatic wins against Tennessee and Kentucky.

After the wins, Florida faltered versus a struggling LSU 17-16. The Gators followed that loss by losing to a true freshman quarterback and Texas A&M at home 19-17. Even though Jim McElwain’s team has taken a step back, it would be just like them to upset Georgia in Week 9.


GIF: Stephen Curry at Davidson

When Stephen Curry went on the magical NCAA Tournament run with Davidson in 2008, many people were amazed by his talent, including the great LeBron James. While Georgia isn’t the underdog that Curry and Davidson were, the Bulldogs are causing similar awe in Kirby Smart’s second season. People are starting to sit back and realize how good this team is.

Smart has this team playing better than any other SEC East squad. The Bulldogs should meet Alabama in the SEC Championship. I’m sure Nick Saban has kept an eye on his former defensive coordinator’s program in anticipation of meeting in Atlanta.


GIF: Kentucky basketball

This is going to rub some people the wrong way, but most Kentucky fans don’t care that much about football. The Wildcats’ basketball team was picked by the media to finish first in the SEC. More fans are excited about what is to come on the hardwood, rather than what is currently happening on the gridiron.

The football team has looked solid, starting 5-1 and holding the second spot in the SEC East. Like Indiana, the Wildcats’ football team will never get the attention it deserves.


GIF: Wildcard

Everyone has a friend who does unexpected stuff. There is no rhyme or reason as to why. Think Charlie Kelly in Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

His character is a perfect example of LSU football. The Tigers lost to Troy at home, but then beat Florida on the road and came back against Auburn after trailing the entire game. Thus, we have our wildcard.

Mississippi State

GIF: Happy then sad

Bulldogs fans were thrilled by how the season started. Nick Fitzgerald looked like a Heisman favorite after Mississippi State demolished LSU at home. Then, the Jenga pieces fell and the high expectations came crashing down.

The defense was exposed and Fitzgerald started to flounder versus stiffer competition. The smile went away, just like Draymond Green’s did.


GIF: We suck again

Missouri had a short-lived harmony in the SEC. Back-to-back SEC Championship appearances is nothing to scoff at (even though the East was down). Now, the Tigers are back where they belong. Tell me again why the SEC added Missouri to the conference.

Ole Miss

GIF: Captain Hadley arrested

Everyone knew there was something sketchy going down in Oxford. Just like when the prisoners rejoiced after Captain Hadley was arrested in The Shawshank Redemption, the rest of the SEC is enjoying watching Ole Miss spiral downhill. The Rebels haven’t had much to be happy about after seven weeks.

South Carolina

GIF: I’ll get the spare

South Carolina fans know all about the injury bug. One of the best players in program history, Marcus Lattimore, suffered a monster knee injury back in 2012. He never fully recovered.

Jake Bentley is one of the stronger quarterbacks in the SEC, but he doesn’t have anyone besides Hayden Hurst to throw the ball to. His lack of weapons was evident in the Kentucky and Texas A&M games this season. Gamecocks fans have to wonder what the ceiling would be on this team if Deebo Samuel played the full season.

Samuel is one of the most dynamic players in the SEC, and South Carolina’s offense isn’t the same without him. Even though he might return this season, the Gamecocks’ chances at winning the SEC East are slim.


GIF: Dumpster fire

Spongebob had little success putting out the fire he started after his “Krabby Patties” began to burn. Butch Jones is facing a similar problem. He hasn’t been able to stop the spread.

His excuses and inability to close out games will cost him his job this season. Jones will be let go after the Alabama game, then someone else will have to come in and clean up the mess he created.

Texas A&M

GIF: You keep coming huh?

Kevin Sumlin’s squad could have packed it in after choking against UCLA, but the Aggies have kept on kicking. Even though Alabama pulverized them in the first half in Week 6, Texas A&M responded and outplayed the Crimson Tide in the second half.

Winning last week against Florida was enormous for Sumlin’s future. The Aggies had not won in the state of Florida since 1944. Just like Paul Crewe from The Longest Yard, Texas A&M keeps on coming.


GIF: Conor McGregor

Vanderbilt had some good moments to start the season with wins over Middle Tennessee State and Kansas State. Conor McGregor has had some big victories in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Boxing and Alabama are a whole different story.

Once McGregor and Nifae Lealao started talking smack, their opponents wanted to embarrass them. It wasn’t just Lealao. Even Derek Mason said “we’ll have something for Alabama.”

Floyd Mayweather owned McGregor in the boxing ring and Alabama crushed the Commodores on the gridiron. It’s not a good idea to talk smack to the most dominant SEC team in the last 10 years. Also, considering Vanderbilt has never won the SEC East title or an SEC Championship, the Commodores should probably keep their mouth shut. Starting 0-4 in conference will humble you real quick.