Based on recent comments from the head coaches of Ohio State and Nebraska, those programs would explore their options elsewhere if the Big Ten canceled the upcoming fall season.

Those comments had many Southeastern Conference fans envisioning a scenario where their conference absorbed those programs for the coming fall season. Could that really happen?

Not so fast, according to SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey.

During a Tuesday appearance on the “Dan Patrick Show,” Sankey was asked about the possibility of the SEC adding a team like Ohio State for the coming season. Sankey shut that down pretty quickly.

“There are probably any number of legal, contractual, media, I could just go down the list of reasons that that’s not quite practical,” Sankey answered. “So that would be my answer in avoiding any interference claims on the ‘Dan Patrick Show’ on Tuesday morning.”

While other leagues around the nation appear to be debating whether or not they should play the upcoming season, Sankey noted that the SEC’s medical advisory board has given no indication that college football needs to be halted at this point.

“Our medical advisory group has said, ‘Yes, we can continue to go forward.’ Should that advice change, that would certainly be a stopping point,” Sankey said.

Finally, when asked if the SEC could be the only conference that plays college football this fall, Sankey issued his belief that the league could certainly pull that off but that doesn’t mean the conference will go to that length to have football.

“I don’t think that’s the right direction really. Could we? Certainly,” Sankey added. “There’s a difference between could you do something and should you do something in life. So we are set up with our schedule with our own health protocols that we could if that was the circumstance, operate on our own. I’m not sure that’s the wisest direction.”

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that but based on the fact the ACC, the Sun Belt and the Big 12 are moving forward, that’s good news for the SEC.