SEC commissioner Greg Sankey on Wednesday was a guest speaker at the annual Learfield Intercollegiate Athletics Forum in Las Vegas.

Several items of discussion came up during the discussion, including, of course, the possibility of expanding the College Football Playoff. While it appears that it’s not a matter of if, but when the field will expand from 4 teams, there’s not yet been an agreement as to how many teams such a field would include and what format it would take. It looks like an expanded field won’t take place in time for the final 2 years of the current Playoff contract that is set to expire after the 2025 season.

Sankey, for his part, is committed to a 12-team Playoff field, even as half of the current teams in it this year are from his own conference:

Sankey also had a zinger ready when asked what the NCAA currently does well. In the spring, the organization faced major criticism in the differences in facilities and coverage used during the men’s college basketball tournament and those used for women.

“I would have said ‘championships’ a year ago and then we had the women’s basketball tournament reality. I would still say ‘championships’,” Sankey said.