Harvey Updyke expects to be going to jail this week.

The notorious Alabama fan who pleaded guilty in 2013 to poisoning the trees at Toomer’s Corner in 2011 has a hearing with a Lee County judge scheduled for Wednesday. Updyke, a 71-year-old retired Texas State Trooper who lives in Louisiana, has reportedly paid only $6,900 of the $800,000 he was ordered to pay in penalties and restitution.

Updyke addressed the matter in a Facebook post from Monday:

Wish me luck will leave for allburn tomorrow night at 10:30 pm on the Bus. I think they are going to put me in jail again, but they won’t get a virgin. I just hope they give me more of my Meds then they did last time. I was a lot stronger and might not make it out this time. Last time they give me 6 Meds out of 16Meds, everybody knows it’s just about Money! I guess allburn needs it more than me. That new D. A.( don’t know his name) wants me back in jail because it will help him get back in the office. Har-v Updyke ROLL DAMN TIDE!!

Edit: The article has been updated to properly reflect he pleaded guilty in 2013 for the tree poisoning which happened in 2011.