It took less than 24 hours for Conference USA to respond to Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin’s troll tweet about officials, which he has since deleted.

Interestingly, the tweet appeared to be a change of course from what Kiffin reportedly said after the 36-31 loss to Marshall. Kiffin was fined $5,000 for a tweet he sent Saturday night that was a picture of officials using guide dogs to make calls on a field. It was a violation of the league’s sportsmanship policy.

Kiffin watched his FAU team fall in a back-and-forth fourth quarter. There were 4 fourth-quarter lead changes, and the Owls gave up a big night to Marshall’s Brenden Knox, who rushed for 220 yards on 23 carries. He scored with 36 seconds remaining.

But Kiffin was still stewing over the performance by the officials some 24 hours later as he tweeted on Saturday night a picture of officials using guide dogs to make calls on a field. The Owls were flagged 9 times for 90 yards, while Marshall was whistled for 6 penalties for 68 yards.

“We had so many opportunities early to take advantage of the situation, which we did not do obviously,” Kiffin said. “This is what happens. You keep getting penalties, you miss tackles, you have three-and-outs, and you don’t convert on fourth-downs, you lose at the end.”