The burden has been heavy. For 4 weeks, the SEC had to shoulder the load as the lone conference capable of playing competent football, but finally the Big Ten is here to assist. Only in 2020 can Arkansas be the talk of the South while Alabama watches from its tower.

Schedules have been altered, but supporters’ passion has not. Here’s how every SEC fan base should feel entering Week 5:


If only Father Time is undefeated, then consider Nick Saban Father Time. Not Georgia, not 22 tries from assistants, not even COVID-19 can beat the head coach. Saban may have been hit with a false positive, but Tide fans can positively pencil Alabama into the CFP. The only thing more disrespectful out of Tuscaloosa than coronavirus trying to sideline the Tide coach is the right arm of Derrick Henry creating everlasting memes.


How big of a check is Arkansas letterman Jerry Jones going to write for Barry Odom to coach up the Cowboys D? The only thing laughable about the Hogs in 2020 is the astronomical amount of turnovers they force. Hot take, but maybe D’Wan Mathis is actually elite and just ran into the buzzsaw known as the Razorback defense. Can Grant Morgan also play defense against his coaches because Odom may not be long for Fayetteville?


Speaking of coaches not staying long in Fayetteville, it’s a tradition unlike any other, it’s time for the Auburn pitchforks to come for Chad Morris. While Bo Nix is busy putting together a reel for Dancing With the Stars as he continues to waltz out of the pocket, Tiger fans are raising funds to buy out Gus. Maybe Malzahn and Morris are just altruistic and ensuring Tank Bigsby stays healthy long enough to get a second NFL contract.


Pack the Swamp? Maybe not. That’s it. That’s the joke. But also thoughts and prayers to Dan Mullen.


Hopefully the Bulldogs don’t play on any more federal holidays because the Mailman failed to deliver against the Tide. But relax Georgia fans. You still may have 2 more tries to slow down Mac Jones. And Jaylen Waddle. And DeVonta Smith. And Najee Harris. And the cannon that is Will Reichard. On second thought, at least the Bulldogs are comfortable with 2nd.


An offense putting up a combined 451 yards over 2 games should be alarming. Unless your defense is single-handedly outscoring opponents, which the Wildcats have. Kentucky is arguably a missed extra point and a goal-line interception from being 4-0. Who said this is a basketball school?


With all of the 2019 Tigers gone to the NFL, it must be nice to hear that some could return to Tiger Stadium in the form of the Saints. Unfortunately the New Orleans mayor and LSU’s schedule may prevent that from happening. If only it were as easy as Bo Pelini’s defense.

Mississippi State

Glad to see Mike Leach making those week-to-week adjustments. KJ Costello is probably wishing he were back in Palo Alto playing in a conference that no one watches because he may be about ready to find a permanent spot on the bench. At least the Bulldogs have the weekend off to get right and prepare for … Alabama. At what point do Bulldog fans “purge” the program of a “malcontent” head coach and send him back to Key West?


Kind of a bummer not getting to compound that LSU win with another impressive scoring output against Vanderbilt. And it has to be a little nerve-racking that Connor Bazelak has to face a Kentucky secondary with more than twice as many interceptions in the past 2 weeks as Bazelak has career interceptions. Maybe the Mizzou bus driver has the scoop on how to beat the Wildcats.

Ole Miss

For as much hype as the Rebels get for some of their uniforms, you would think Matt Corral would be more aware of what color jersey he’s throwing to. A pick for every team Lane Kiffin has been a head coach for, plus one. Fans of Kiffin and Ole Miss can’t even claim a W on social media this week.

Just a frustrating weekend all around.

South Carolina

Will Muschamp is a satisfactory coach, after all. Of course it helps when the opposing team tries to set a record for most pass attempts to a player covered by Jaycee Horn. The Gamecocks should be proud. They finally held on to one. Another 9 yards at the end of the game, and it’s the same old song and dance as earlier in the season, but alas, Bo Nix is Bo Nix. Get your popcorn ready. Shi Smith vs. Derek Stingley Jr. and Terrace Marshall vs. Horn should be exciting enough for South Carolina fans to forget they represent the 3rd-best football program in their state.


The NCAA granted an extra year of eligibility to all fall athletes, so who’s on board for Year 6 of Jarrett Guarantano? As quickly as it seemed Jeremy Pruitt returned the Vols to prominence with that 8-game winning streak, a 2-game losing streak has fans right back on the Rocky Top roller coaster. Is it too soon to give Peyton a call and make sure his nephew comes to Knoxville?

Texas A&M

It’s an off week for the Aggies, so more time for fans to debate if Jimbo Fisher is worth every penny. Could Arkansas on Halloween be the toughest game left on the schedule? It might just be, meaning the Aggies will win that and drop the next 3 games against Fisher’s texting buddies, placing the A&M coach exactly where he was to start the season, right on the forefront of questions about how much longer until this program turns it around.


It must have felt strange not having to shield the eyes of children from another 41-7 loss. Hopefully the week bought some time for the Commodores to bolster that roster and give Derek Mason the opportunity to at least enter a game at full strength.