It was a light slate this past weekend for SEC fans as they had to divert their eyes to Big Ten play. As weird as it was only having 4 games to watch, folks still were able to find solace in running Tennessee coaches out of town and yelling at officials.

Week 6 is another schedule void of any blockbuster matchups, but one way or another there’s always a reason to commiserate. Here’s how SEC fan bases should feel heading into Week 6:


The Tide’s first loss of the season is tough one to swallow. Jaylen Waddle is one of the most exciting players in football and will be missed. Fortunately for the Tide, Alabama cornerbacks will more than likely catch enough balls from KJ Costello to more than make up for the missing production of the star receiver. Don’t forget to save some Tua time on Sunday as well.


Time to gear up for the SEC West, silver medal showdown. That is an actual sentence under an Arkansas heading in 2020. And with how bad the NFL teams are playing in the state of Texas, Hogs fans shouldn’t worry about Barry Odom having a wandering eye while he makes the trip to College Station.


Tigers fans are tired of hearing Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and Mac Jones are Heisman front-runners. It’s time to nominate SEC officials for the award. Who’s been more valuable to a team’s win total than those in the black and white? Also a brief round of applause for Chad Morris only needing 16 quarters of football to figure out the most efficient way to run the offense.


Is there still a healthy football team in Gainesville? It feels like ages since Kyle Pitts established permanent residence in end zones. Same goes for Dan Mullen, who seems to have established permanent residence in his bedroom. Gators fans have to be a little jealous that their program doesn’t have a private jet to fly Mullen’s samples for rapid testing on a daily basis.


If beauty is judged by comparison, Stetson Bennett is about to look gorgeous. All Bennett has to do is out-gun Terry Wilson’s 35 yards and the rest will be gravy. The Bulldogs have had 2 weeks to let marinate that they’re still stuck in the purgatory of Alabama’s shadow. Uga has the perfect chew toy waiting in Lexington.


What a fantastic trip down memory lane that was to 1905 before the forward pass was legalized! Mizzou’s defense isn’t bad, but yeesh. Good thing they’ll have a chance to bounce back this weekend against, oh, nevermind.


QB controversy? Not if you believe the closed captioning of Ed Orgeron. TJ Finley played great, but his presence alone probably didn’t cause LSU defenders to all of a sudden tackle or his running backs to go off.  Would being out-coached by Chad Morris be reason for early Bo Pelini termination? If Tigers fans had the pink slip, likely.

Mississippi State

At least a full calendar week went by without adding another tally to the KJ Costello interception counter. You’d like to think Mike Leach used the bye wisely and finally tinkered with his offense, but it also wouldn’t be surprising if he spent his time off reordering his mascot power rankings or coordinating what costume he’ll be wearing with Nick Saban on Halloween.


Someone is Columbia give Larry Rountree a socially-distanced salute. The dude had more rushes than Kentucky had plays. Eli Drinkwitz has something brewing with the Tigers. We’ve seen Connor Bazelak and Co. put up eye-popping numbers already on LSU, and the Gators’ defense isn’t much better. Is a 3-game winning streak possible?

Ole Miss

Rebels fans, say hello to Razorback fans. Razorback fans, meet Rebels fans. … If only there was a metaphor about how fans feel about the Rebels’ defense and referees.

Eh, nothing a little more John Rhys Plumlee or Vanderbilt can’t cure.

South Carolina

So much for that Auburn momentum or best corner duo in the SEC. Not only are the Gamecocks trending toward consecutive sub-.500 seasons under Will Muschamp, but they’re not even the best chicken in their own state anymore.


Still proud of running Greg Schiano out of town? While Vols fans may be hopping off the bandwagon of that 8-game winning streak, the Surgeon General is hopping on for the football program never allowing its players to smoke cigars for the past 14 years. Jeremy Pruitt has 2 more tests against top-10 teams, or he may just be the next coach fired at half.

Texas A&M

Big week for a big showdown against the Hogs. At least we know Jimbo has a knack for pulling through in the big ones at College Station. It’s time to see whether Kellen Mond can actually do it against a competent defense in 2020. One loss to the Razorbacks and all of the good graces from that Florida win will dissolve quicker than Fisher bolted from Tallahassee.


In the words of Tom Brady, “We’re still here!”

Was it at least somewhat enjoyable to watch James Franklin bungle yet another crucial game at Penn State? Keeping things positive, Ole Miss is probably the easiest team the Commodores have faced to date. There has to be hope that Ken Seals has his best game and leads the team to a season-high 13 points. Two touchdowns seems like a reasonable goal to root for.