On Monday, BCSKnowHow.com released its new simulated BCS rankings following Week 12 games.

The computer-generated list attempts to reveal what the actual BCS rankings will look like when they’re released again on Tuesday night.

As as been the case in a number of polls and power rankings in the last 24 hours, BCSKnowHow.com has Ohio State jumping to No. 2 behind Georgia, with Alabama at No. 3 and Cincinnati at No. 4.

The latest simulated #BCS rankings see Ohio State vault past Alabama and Cincinnati to claim a sturdy No. 2 — leaving the top four BCS teams unchanged, but shuffling their order and setting the stage for the final two weekends of the season,” BCSKnowHow tweeted on Monday.

Next in line were Michigan at No. 5 and Notre Dame at No. 6

As for the SEC, the only 2 conference teams besides Georgia and Alabama in the simulated top 25 were Ole Miss at No. 9 and Texas A&M at No. 15.