College Football has fully moved into the playoff era. However, it’s still sometimes fun to think about how things would be different if the BCS era still existed.

This year, not much would be different — at least going into the national semifinals. According to, the playoff committee’s Top 4 of LSU, Ohio State, Clemson and Oklahoma would be exactly the same if the computer was still ranking the teams.

The BCS and playoff committee each had Georgia at No. 5 as well, but after that is where the two polls begin to differ. Interestingly, the SEC seemed to benefit more in the BCS poll.

Florida and Alabama came in at N0. 9 and 13, respectively, in the final College Football Playoff poll. In the BCS poll released from, Florida was No. 6 and Alabama was No. 11.

Auburn was No. 12 in both polls, but the Crimson Tide, who the Tigers beat in both teams’ final game of the season, were ranked ahead of the Tigers in the BCS.

Head-to-head matchups didn’t seem to matter as much in the BCS poll as it did to the committee this year. Notre Dame was also ranked ahead of Michigan in the BCS poll but not in the playoff rankings.┬áThe Wolverines routed the Fighting Irish when they met on the field.

The same can be said for Minnesota and Iowa. In the BCS poll, the Golden Gophers were ranked ahead of the Hawkeyes despite the fact Iowa defeated Minnesota late in the season.

Anyway, it’s interesting to think about, but unless there’s an upset in the semifinals, the playoff committee won’t have an impact on this year’s national championship.