College GameDay is coming to Jacksonville on Saturday for the Georgia-Florida team, but fans of another team are trying to steal the spotlight from the annual SEC East rivalry.

A fanbase inserting itself in someone else’s business? Who could that possibly be?

UCF fans are planning to bus from nearby Orlando to invade College GameDay, according to a Facebook event that’s making the rounds on social media. It’s being sponsored by UCF alum Chad Barr, the attorney who arranged for the Knights’ “co-champion” banner to be flown in Camping World Stadium during Alabama’s season opener against Louisville.

According to the event page, the invasion is being staged “to show the country what UCF Nation is all about and that we will not be silenced or back down from anyone.” This is likely retaliation against College GameDay host Kirk Herbstreit, whose recent criticism of the No. 10 Knights’ strength of schedule during last week’s show prompted a stern response from UCF’s athletic director.

Now Knights fans, who feel disrespected in the midst of their team’s 20-game winning streak, want to take matters into their own hands. Strangely enough, the appearance of UCF fans might give Georgia and Florida supporters a common enemy.