At this point in his life, Steve Spurrier can say and do whatever he wants.

If the HBC wants to go make a bunch of money starring in commercials for Dos Equis and Dr. Pepper, he’s gonna do it. If he wants to go coach a team in an upstart professional football league, he’ll do it. If Spurrier wants to play 36 holes of golf somewhere just off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, well guess what. He’s gonna do it.

And if Spurrier wants to continue to treat former SEC rivals like current ones, he’ll help himself to that, too.

That trend continued on Tuesday when, during an induction ceremony for the Sugar Bowl Hall of Fame that he was being honored at, Spurrier waved to the Georgia fans in attendance and gave them a classic Gator chomp.

Because why wouldn’t he?

Oh, I should back up a second. You see, days earlier, Spurrier trolled Georgia in a different way. In a quote to Dawg Post, Spurrier had this little gem:

“Heading to the Sugar Bowl to watch the Puppies beat up on the Longhorns,” Spurrier said, per Dawg Post’s Matt DeBary. “Georgia should win by two or three TDs.”

You could bet that nobody was happier to be wrong about “the puppies” than Spurrier.

The HBC is now 73. He’s 3 years removed from being a head coach in the SEC, and probably a couple more if you ask disgruntled South Carolina fans who didn’t care for how he left the program. It has been 17 years since he coached at Florida, where he became one of the best coaches in SEC history and had a 12-year run in which his teams beat Georgia 11 of 12 times. “The Swamp” got its name because of Spurrier.

Yet even he isn’t above the pettiness. That’s peak SEC in so many ways.

It’s one thing to say that you’re gonna hang half-a-hundred between the hedges (and do it). It’s another to troll Georgia before you travel to be surrounded by their fans, where you’ll just troll them some more. How many people can get away with that? And maybe “get away with” is incorrect. Lord knows Georgia fans were none too pleased to see Spurrier after his comments.

If it makes Georgia fans feel any better, they aren’t the only program that the HBC loves ribbing. Everyone knows that Spurrier is never shy about poking fun at LSU.

There was the time when Spurrier called out LSU for not being willing to reschedule a game with Florida because it meant the Tigers would have a game before facing Alabama.

There was also the time before the 2017 season when Spurrier, while speaking in Louisiana at an Independence Bowl luncheon had some fun at the Tigers’ expense.

The HBC even made a public wager with former LSU coach Les Miles on this year’s game at The Swamp (it turned out to just be a rather disappointing Dos Equis ad that felt staged, but of course Spurrier would find a way to get paid to bet against LSU).

Spurrier trolls because he can. At this point in his life — and really any point — you’re foolish if you don’t stick a microphone in front of him.

Shoot, a few months ago the guy even tried to diminish the G.O.A.T. Instead of praising Nick Saban’s national title and his ability to deal with staff turnover, Spurrier pointed out that Alabama didn’t win the SEC last season and that he personally had won with a bunch of different coordinators.

I mean, it’s entertaining as can be. It’s almost like Spurrier is a comedian and everyone in the SEC is in the crowd. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done. Anybody can be the punchline of his next zinger. Well, unless you’re Florida and South Carolina. You’re like Spurrier’s family watching nervously from the background knowing that he loves you, but that you can still find your way into his routine.

Part of the reason that Spurrier is the way he is — carefree and unapologetic — might be because he experienced the SEC from every angle. He has been a player, fan, coach, administrator, ambassador and probably a few other things I’m forgetting.

What kind of satisfaction does he get from it still? I don’t know. That’s probably too difficult of a question for me to generalize about without spending 36 holes on the golf course with him.

Note to self: Do that soon. Really soon.

Until then, though, I’ll just sit back and relax while the unofficial mascot of the SEC continues to put the rest of the conference on blast.