Just when it appeared that our days of watching a Manning play quarterback were numbered, Arch Manning went viral.

That’s right. “Arch” Manning, as you might know by now, is the grandson of Ole Miss legend Archie Manning. He’s also the nephew of Peyton and Eli Manning, and the son of Cooper Manning.

Over the weekend, the world got an introduction to the next Manning that’ll have everyone’s attention. Arch lit up the Newman High School (La.) spring game — which was played against Shaw High School — for 3 touchdowns.

And oh, the by way, Arch is only in eighth grade.

As you can see from the throws he made over the weekend, the 13-year-old already looks up for the challenge:

Needless to say, that clip made the rounds. Between Bleacher Report and Adam Schefter, the world found out about Arch Manning in a hurry. In fact, the third generation Manning quarterback made such an impression that Rivals made a profile for him.

Remember, we’re talking about someone in the 2023 class (that means he was born in 2005?!?). His graduation date might as well be one of those headliner matchups that’s 10 years away.

And who does Rivals list as Arch’s 3 college interests? LSU, Ole Miss and Tennessee. Yes, yes and yes. Sign me up for how epic that battle would be with those 3 SEC schools. Lord knows a performance like that already has those fanbases looking way into the future.

I expect plenty of tweets like this in the next 4 years:

Real quick. Can you picture Ed Orgeron showing up to a family dinner at the Manning household? You know, not that Eli and Peyton, or perhaps even Archie, would be involved in Arch’s recruitment. But either way, I’d like to imagine Orgeron showing up, inhaling a dozen bowls of gumbo and trying to convince Arch why it’s his destiny to play at Tiger Stadium.

Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself now.

After all, there’s no guarantee that there will be a recruiting battle to land Arch. As great as those bloodlines are, he has years of proving himself on a weekly basis to show that he’s even worth a scholarship offer. Would I bet on that happening? Of course, but he has his entire high school career ahead of him.

I’m sure having that last name has already been a ton to deal with, and it’ll only be amplified now that he’s starting high school this fall. Time will tell how he manages that and if he does ultimately become the third generation of Manning quarterbacks at the next level.

Speaking of being a next-level quarterback, some people are already looking past college and on to the NFL with Arch Manning.

I’ll admit, this made me laugh out loud:

And so did this:

If fighting over an eighth grade quarterback on Twitter isn’t SEC, I don’t know what is.

I thought about if any famous descendants would get this kind of social media reaction for a performance in a spring game.

You might remember the story of Bear Bryant’s great-grandson, Paul Tyson, and how a couple of older women came in from out of town to see the future Alabama quarterback play in a scrimmage so that they could get a picture with him. Auburn fans were fired up when Bo Jackson’s nephew, Shedrick Jackson, committed to the Tigers a couple years ago (he’s entering his second season there). And it probably bummed out SEC fans when Herschel Walker’s only son, Christian, chose to become a cheerleader instead of following in his dad’s footsteps (and he’s apparently really good).

But given what we’ve seen from not 1, not 2, but 3 Mannings playing quarterback in the SEC, Arch is going to tap into a different kind of excitement if he continues to progress.

Maybe it’s the fact that the Manning name spans multiple generations. Even though my generation wasn’t around to watch Archie at Ole Miss, we still have plenty of memories of Peyton and Eli elevating their respective SEC programs and winning multiple Super Bowls.

And yeah, it is Cooper’s son. As many know, the eldest of the Manning brothers was expected to be a star receiver at Ole Miss until he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, which ended his playing career. So including Cooper, that’s 4 reasons to think that Arch’s future is bright (it looks like he has Cooper’s mobility and not Eli’s or Peyton’s, which is another plus).

He comes from football’s royal family, and he’ll probably be reminded of that every day for the rest of his career. That might make Arch the ultimate legacy recruit in the SEC, regardless of if he’s an elite recruit by the time he graduates.

Well, he’ll hold that title until Peyton’s 8-year-old son, Marshall Williams, dominates a Pop Warner game.